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Redefining Athletic Assessment
Developed in 2003 by professional football player Robert Drummond, RAPS is a unique athletic assessment and evaluation tool used to measure both male and female athleticism based on reaction time, agility, power and strength. Using a patent-pending algorithm, RAPS accurately assesses each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses to help pinpoint additional training need so that they may become a top competitor in their field.

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RAPS – Reaction. Agility. Power. Strength.

Why use RAPS?
You can’t improve what you don’t know! The purpose of RAPS is to give athletes, coaches and trainers the unknown vital information needed to improve themselves and their programs.

Using two different assessment rankings- RAPS and Hurricane scores- athletes can see how they “measure up” nationally and determine where improvements are needed in their training.

RAPS assesses athletes in the following sports for youth (ages 8-12) and high school athletes:

  • Football
  • Boys/Girls Soccer
  • Boys/Girls Lacrosse
  • Boys/Girls Basketball
  • Boys/Girls Volleyball
  • Boys/Girls Tennis
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Girls Field Hockey
  • Boys/Girls Ice Hockey

How it Works?

Athletes are required to perform 8-9 standardized, sport specific tests that measure speed, power, agility, core strength, change of direction and endurance. Based on the results of these tests the athlete will receive a RAPS percentile rating comparing them by sport and position to other athletes across the country in their particular sport. The athlete will also receive what is called a “hurricane score” which evaluates their current strengths and weaknesses through individualized tests. Both giving athletes a unique opportunity to develop personalized strength and conditioning programs to address any weaknesses and become a top competitor.

Recruitment and Coaches:

College coaches/recruiters look to RAPS to help simplify the recruiting process. The RAPS rating will give an athlete a realistic view of their overall athleticism and college coaches an idea of what level you would be most successful at. It allows athletes who otherwise would not get noticed with a good score to get on a school or coaches radar. With the Hurricane score an athlete will now know where their strengths and weaknesses are and how to go about improving upon them.


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