Sport Center 481 Fitness

We try our our hardest as a center to supply value in what we provide. Our goal is  to inspire our to clients to be better athletes’ and healthier individuals. In trying to understand what it is we seek to accomplish here at Sport Center 481 fitness, it is important to first recognize our vision: To become the most effective means of generating enhanced athleticism and confidence in each individual by continuing to provide, and educate ourselves in, all facets of elite training systems, nutritional education, and recovery methods. In short, we are an integrated service who is making its dream of allowing individuals to supersede their highest training expectations.


Welcome Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach Rick Kompf to Sport Center 481

Here is our Fall 2018 Strength & Conditioning Schedule


For all classes with Rick please contact him at to set up your initial consultation before starting classes.

For all classes with Craig please reserve your class spot daily by texting Craig @ (607) 239-7714




Contact: or 701.1111 for more information.