Youth Soccer

Welcome to Sport Center 481 where we like to provide a game for every kid!! Our Soccer programs offer a fun, safe and healthy atmosphere for ALL KIDS…kids who want to play for one season, kids who want to play for twenty seasons, kids who play strictly for fun, and kids who want to compete at the highest level possible. Kids are different, so we at Sport Center recognize this and all our programs are aimed at meeting the different needs of ALL KIDS.

Sport Center 481 has many opportunities and programs for young kids to learn and play soccer. Sport Center 481 exclusive Lil’ Kicker program is for kids 18 months to 9 years of age. We have beginner and intermediate levels. Please contact Judy Koegel to learn about Lil’ Kickers training and games.

Judy Koegel: 315-729-3363


For Lil’ Kickers ages 18 months- 9 years (beginners) looking to play soccer contact Judy Koegel.
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For INDIVIDUAL players ages 10 years-18 years (advanced) looking to play soccer contact Sport Center 481

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Micro Soccer League 4V4

  • Games are Saturday at 11am
  • Starting Nov 4th
  • Ages 5&6 and 7&8

For more information contact Judy at 315-729-3363 or